Taking the Shots out of Dentistry: The New Solea Laser that Does Not Need Anesthesia | Santa Ana Smiles on Bristol Dentistry

Smiles on Bristol DentistryNamed “Best of What’s New” by Popular Science Magazine, winner of the 2015 Gold Edison Award, “Top New Product of 2015” by Dentalcompare, and named “Best New Instrument/Device” by Dr.Bicuspid.com, the dentists, Dr. Danial Kalantari and Dr. Arcila of Smiles on Bristol Dentistry say Convergent Dental’s new Solea CO2 laser is taking the dental world by storm.

The laser uses 9.3 µm wavelengths that naturally provide an anesthetizing effect to the tooth and easily and precisely cut into both hard and soft tissue.  The shot required to anesthetize the mouth is one of the most common fears in dental patients.  Eliminating this step while still providing adequate anesthetization could make the trip to have a cavity filled or other scary procedure much less frightening.  Also, with traditional procedures, anesthesia only covers a quarter of the mouth, limiting dentists to only working in certain portions, or forcing them to inject the patient with multiple shots to cover a wider area.  Depending on the placement and number of areas that need the procedure, patients could expect up to four or even more shots of anesthesia.  The Solea laser, due to its self-anesthetizing properties, can work across the entire mouth without any additional effort on the part of the dentist or suffering on the part of the patient.

Additionally, it is almost soundless and does not produce any blood.  Unlike the dentist’s drill, the laser does not create the uncomfortable sensations that many people dread when having a cavity filled.  The procedure ends up being much faster than traditional procedures because all the steps required for anesthetizing a patient and cleaning up blood are removed.

The laser can be especially helpful to pediatric patients.  The combination of shots, scary sounds, uncomfortable sensations, blood, and having a numb lip for hours after the procedure, can make the dentist seem like the scariest place.  The laser removes most of those frightening experiences and aims to leave the patient with a pain-free, silent, and quick procedure.  Hopefully this will make any necessary cavity-filling trips less traumatic, so kids will not grow up with a fear and hate of dentists.  Without that fear, they will ideally continue to make regular trips to the dentists into and through adulthood which will help them keep a healthy smile for life.

Convergent Dental’s innovative laser was approved by the FDA in 2013 and throughout 2014 had remarkable market success.  It started out in just a few hospitals and dentist’s offices, but when dentists learned how much more efficient procedures became with the laser and the increased patient satisfaction on top of that, the laser quickly saturated offices around the country.

With the success of their pioneer product, Convergent Dental has not stopped in its innovating and has released a number of upgrades to the initial Solea laser to make it even better.  All Solea lasers are computer operated for precision, come with a foot pedal that delivers a selection of speeds, and a touch screen for easy operation.  With the new upgrades, the laser also has a completely reinvented handpiece, an increase in speeds up to 4x, improved aiming, and the use of in-office air to virtually eliminate sound.

Dentists utilizing this new technology were able to increase their number of procedures to around six or more per day and with profit increases between 25% and 40%.  With dentists snatching up the Solea laser left and right after hearing about these major profit gains, Convergent Dental also experienced major profits from 2014 moving into 2015.  Additionally investors battled for a stake in the boomingly successful company, with Long River Ventures taking the prize with an offer of $9 million.

Convergent Dental has also recently partnered with Darby Dental Supply LLC.  Darby Dental is a highly respected telesales company specializing in dental technologies.  They have earned their reputation with a self-proclaimed “one customer at a time policy” emphasizing their dedication to providing unique and comprehensive assistance to all of their customers on an individual level.  They take care to inform customers of manufacturer sales and deals so that customers receive the best possible prices.  Additionally they already ship over a million orders for a number of different dental manufacturing companies making them prepared for the overload of orders for Convergent Dental’s Solea laser.

This partnership further demonstrates Convergent Dental’s success in the market as they prepare for increased distribution.  Darby Dental Supply’s status as a trusted distributor and Convergent Dental’s innovative product are a powerhouse combination.  Now dentists can purchase the Solea laser with just one phone call and have the comfort of knowing their order is being fulfilled by one of the leading dental distributors in the nation.  Darby Dental also keeps track of customer purchase histories and purchase preferences so they can keep up-to-date with ease.  As Convergent Dental continues to upgrade their laser, Darby Dental is the perfect partner to keep customers in the loop and ready to purchase the new upgraded Solea lasers.


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